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Affordable Ecofriendly Carpet Cleaning

About Us

HPI operators are professionally trained and supported in all aspects of the services they provide.

HPI specialises in a green and healthy, low moisture carpet, mattress and upholstery maintenance service, designed especially for people with respiratory sensitivities.

In part, due to a modern obsession with germs and their control, the extent of harmful chemicals we are surrounded by in the home has contributed to many health problems. Perhaps most notably represented is the persistent rates of respiratory illness and growing incidence of childhood allergies, whilst these issues are often closely tied to diet, there is no shortage of evidence that today's household environment is a pool of allergenic material, unsafe chemicals and volatile organic compounds through normal use.

Many of conventional cleaning processes can cause the opposite effect when used, reducing the quality of the indoor environment by adding moisture or leaving unsafe chemical residue behind.

The HPI service has been designed with the above factors in mind. It helps to achieve a cleaner indoor environment by the toughest of comparisons, however it achieves this with no compromise of health or safety. Whether you or you family suffer from respiratory sensitivities or not, you will always have peace of mind when using the HPI service. 

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"I've just come home and wanted to say how impressed I was with the work you did. I can't believe how clean the carpets are. Totally stoked. Thanks so much."  Matthew E

"Darryl came and cleaned my carpets after 2 major parties. He explained the process and what results I could expect. I was super pleased with the job he did and will definitely use him again. Thanks so much."  Lyn.mac

"Thanks - job well done and appreciated."  Mike

"A truly professional and cost effective service. HPI didn't just clean my carpets but first used an extraction machine which lifted all the dirt/dust etc from beneath the carpet. I was horrified at the amount of dirt that came out. Thank you for making my home cleaner and healthier." Elizabeth

"I won't use any other carpet cleaning service after experiencing the professional and expertise of Health Protect International. Not only was my carpet looking like new, it was also practically dry after only a short time. I'm keen now to get my mattresses sanitised too. A great job, easy to arrange and good service all round. Thanks heaps."  VJ

"Darryl was great, very helpful and friendly. He even went back on the same day after I locked him out of the house the first time. Great to deal with and the carpets look great. Thanks." Amna