Affordable & Eco-friendly Carpet, Mattress & Upholstery Cleaning - Domestic & Commercial

Affordable Ecofriendly Carpet Cleaning

Commercial Carpet Cleaning

Hotels - Motels - Apartments - Education Providers - Office Spaces - Rest Homes

There are several key advantages for the commercial operator when you have Health Protect International as your sanitising company:

  • No down time for the area treated
  • Carpets dry in minutes not hours 
  • No loss of profit for your business
  • Your operation can run free of disruption
  • You save on replacement because your carpet’s life is extended
  • Your patrons and staff will be healthier, more productive and satisfied due to increased air quality
  • Stains are easier to remove once your carpets have been treated by HPI, with the unique Crystal Technology formula staying behind in the fibres to provide a ‘coating- like’ ongoing protection.

If down time is an important consideration for your business and you don’t want your area out of use for hours or days, then make sure you experience the HPI difference. Carpet cleaning in Wellington with low downtime.

Social responsibility has never been as important as it is today for both the employer and accommodation provider. At Health Protect International we are proud to provide a professional service which prevents downtime and maximised asset life, whilst exemplifying social responsibility in both a human and environmental context.

HPI specialises in working carefully with rugs and carpets of all kinds.  HPI is the industry's only service with an asthma foundation relationship so if your staff or guests are asthma or allergy sufferers you can be assured of a safe process which begins with a complete extraction of all forms of particles, debris, skin cells, dust mites and other contaminants which accumulate in the everyday carpet.

Your satisfaction is our priority! We look forward to offering you our superior service. 

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Thank you team for a great job, done without hassle or upheaval to our day to day activities. Tregaskis Brown Ltd

A truly professional service. Our office carpet looks amazing. Thank you HPI. IPA