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Mattress & Upholstery Cleaning 

Mattress Sanitising - Sneeze Less, Sleep Better and Breathe Deeper

When you have your mattress sanitised, it is critical the correct processes are followed.

The Health Protect International sanitising process uses lab proven and certified treatments and a thorough four stage process to clean, sanitise  and protect your mattress from dust mites, bacteria, mould and fungal spores. It is vital never to use steam on a mattress for many health and warranty related reasons.

The HPI process begins with a   complete  extraction of debris, skin   cells, dust mites and other   contaminants which accumulate in       the everyday mattress.

The second stage involves a triple strength germicidal UVC treatment. 

After the first two stages are complete, an additional anti-pathogenic treatment  is applied to help prevent dust mites  and pathogens from proliferating in    the mattress.

Finally, the fourth stage is applied – an anti-allergen treatment to alleviate allergy related systems.

If you believe mattress sanitising is more than a good cleaning practice, that it can benefit your health, then you’re absolutely right.

Call today and request the services of Health Protect International to ensure you receive the clean and healthy results you deserve.

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Upholstery Cleaning

The Health Protect International upholstery sanitising process employs technology to clean, sanitise and protect your precious furniture including couches and dining chairs.

Upholstery cleaning is a process which should be carried out with a minimal amount of moisture due to the restricted surface to air ratio and density of material.  

The HPl process for upholstery cleaning and sanitising is a green, low moisture process. It is highly effective in restoring items to their cleanest whilst targeting allergens and common contaminants with proprietary HPI anti microbial and anti allergen treatments.  

Upholstery cleaning and sanitation is a vital practise in maintaining a clean and healthy indoor environment. The HPI process is safe, effective, has low drying time and is gentle on all furniture items. 

Fabric Protection

Spills, walked in dirt, marks and stains do happen and become easier to remove once your carpets have been treated by HPI, with the unique Crystal Technology formula staying behind in the fibres to provide ‘coating-like’ protection, keeping them cleaner and healthier for longer.